Nothing Says "I've Graduated" Like A Cap & Gown Portrait!

There are not many things that are as cute as a preschool or kindergarten student all dressed up in a tiny cap and gown. You can savor that special time with a cap and gown portrait. When it's time for a young graduate to make the exciting move to "the big kids school", they are proud of their accomplishment. We will preserve those memories with beautiful portraits that every relative will enjoy.


Many schools already have their own student cap & gowns for use at the graduation ceremonies or require parents to purchase them if desired.

If not, we will gladly provide our own special cap and gowns for a child to use while being individually photographed. In addition to the individual portraits, we offer Graduating Class Group Portraits for schools that have cap and gown sets for all students. These class portraits display all the graduates together, a great way to show all of the friends a child has made in their preschool experience.

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