Dance Studio Photo Sales Process

Dance Studio Photo Sales Process

We have many ways to provide your parents with ordering their photos. Each system has it’s own benefits and we know that no matter which system you choose for your studio you will be happy, your parents will be happy and that is what counts on photo day!

Multi-Proof System *Most Popular*

Our photo-proof system enables your dancers to have their photographs taken in multiple costumes and poses. After all of the photos are taken we will then print up proof sheets for your dancers and parents to review. The proof sheets will show all of the poses and every photograph available for them to purchase on the sales day.

In most cases, we will schedule a separate sales day from the photo day to give us time to do touch-ups and organize the proof sheets for your dancers. This option is our most popular option because it gives your dancers the ability to view each photo and ultimately choose the packages or prints they want to order from the wide variety of poses they have to choose from.

The Pre-Paid System

The Pre-Paid System is Simple. Your parents will select the products that they would like and we will select the best available photo for them.

With this system, there is no need to have a separate proof viewing & sales day. With this system, we will provide your parents with a custom order form that they will fill out ahead of the photo day and bring with them, including payment on photo day.