Martial Arts Studio Sales Day Process

Martial Arts Studio Sales Day Process

We are flexible with our photo ordering options so that we can fit the needs of your studio correctly! We have multiple options for you to choose from! We accept all major credit cards on sales day!

We are here to serve you!

Separate Sales Day With Proofs

With this option, we will schedule a special sales day that is separate from the photo day date. At the time of sale, parents will see the best images of their students printed out on 8×10 proof sheets. This is our most popular option.

Proof & Purchase On Photo Day

With this option, both photo day and sales day happen at the same time! This option is great for the studio that wants to have only one day to get everything done. Please note that this may take longer to get through the students as we have to pace with the sales stations.

We will take photos of each student and then they will be available for viewing immediately at our sales stations staffed with one of our sales assistants. With this option with will either have a viewing monitor or the proofs will be printed on 4×6 prints.

A separate sales day is eliminated with this option because we do the photography and sales simultaneously.

*Depending on the size of your studio this option may not be available. Please check with us first!